It’s a Dog’s Life Part 3 – Dog sitters/walkers

Part 2 of this series mentioned the mandatory training courses, SKN, that were introduced with the new Tierschutzgesetz (Animal Welfare Act) of 2008, which was enacted in response to a huge outcry following the Oberglatt tragedy of December 2005, when a small child was mauled to death by a dog kept by an irresponsible owner.

Another provision that this legislation introduced was that anyone offering to look after animals on a commercial basis i.e. for payment, must also be qualified. If you are going on holiday or need a regular dog sitter or walker while you are at work, you need Continue reading

You can take the girl out of England….

Having lived in Switzerland for 12 years, there are many things from the UK that I either no longer miss/have got used to living without or for which I have found an acceptable substitute (or have appeared in the shops here such as Ginger Nuts).  Nevertheless there are still a few things that I wish existed in Switzerland and some get imported ;)

It’s a dog’s life Part 2 – Life in Switzerland with your dog

Living in Switzerland with a dog is a delight in many ways as they are normally accepted in hotels, restaurants and pubs and in many shops. This may be a surprise if you come from a country where dogs are hardly ever allowed in public buildings but it means that you can take your four-legged friend with you almost anywhere. Continue reading

It’s a dog’s life Part 1 – Moving to Switzerland with your dog

This two-part series is inspired by this excellent blog post by Rachel Yates of Defining Moves (which should be required reading for anyone contemplating an international relocation):

Unconventional but essential expat equipment – the dog

I’ve lived with dogs all my life and can’t imagine a home without the four-legged members of my family but an international move with pets adds complexity to the planning process and should be undertaken with due care and consideration. Continue reading